TRAXXAS 5805 SLASH 2075 Digital Servo NEW _32


Part Pulled from a NEW 5805 Slash kit.

2075 Waterproof Digital Servo, Blue Case

What You See In The Picture Is Exactly What You Will Receive.

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Please leave a 5 STAR rating on all detailed sellers ratings (DSRs) when you are leaving feedback .

Ebay recently made changes to their feedback system w sellers can suffer SEVERE penalties if anything besides a "5" is left and you may be hurting your favorite sellers without knowing it. What are these penalties?

*Any rating below 4.9: Seller pays an additional 5% in fees to sell on ebay

*Any rating below 4.8: Seller pays an additional 10% in fees to sell on ebay, and seller's listings are demoted in ebay's search - making them harder to find

*Any rating below 4.6: Seller pays an additional 15% in fees to sell on ebay and loses powerseller status. Listings are further demoted in ebay's search

*Any rating below 4.3: Penalty -Seller's listings are moved the the last pages of search results

*Any rating below 4.1: Penalty - Seller is no longer allowed to list on ebay (Click for ebay's policy of banning sellers at a 4.1 rating)

eBay tells you a 4 STAR rating means the item was accurately described, that you
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