T raxxas bandit VXL

Hello, I'm selling my sons Traxxas Bandit Vxl. This car is insanely fast.

A little to fast for my son. As you can see for only being a week old and having about 6 or 7 batteries threw it the rear end has some wheelie scraps on it.

This car is in working condition just charge the 8.4 pack that came with the car and your good to go. I'll even leave the AA BATTERIES in the transmitter for you.

I'm also throwing in a 3s 2200mah lipo battery in. Which you will need a lipo balance charger to charge this battery but it's so worth it to run this car on lipo it doubles its speed and literally just rips wheelies if you get on the throttle to fast.

Also included is a plastic container with the tool set that comes with the stock kit plus a few extra things

• extra rear axle carrier

• Camber link ends

• 2200 3s lipo battery

• Extra Traxxas battery connector

Comes with all original paperwork.

• parts Catalog

• Warranty card

• Info on the tqi radio system

I have a set of anaconda rear tires on it now and still have the stock rear tires and rims which are pretty much slicks now. (Only took two batteries to wear out these tires)

All in all this is a great and super fast car but I'm hoping to sell it to get my son something a
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