Hi. Up for auction is this Traxxas Jato 3.3 stadium truck. I will start off by saying I don't know a lot about it. But I will list what I do know. I bought this RC truck from a friend. And still have had no time do anything with it. So here hoes. The truck is in decent condition. It is kinda dirty and could use a good cleaning. The plastic cover that covers the truck is a little beat up. Has scratches and scuffs but to be expected. I have never drove it but was told it ran last year at some point until it hit the curb which is why he sold it to me. The wheel broke off from the hub. But didn't brake the A arms at all. So it was a light wreck per say. Anyway as I stated I don't know if it will start or not. Hasn't been ran in over a year. The remote turns on as that was tried. This truck has EZ start but I don't have the starter wand so I can't try it. So I guess if you can fix it and get it running be my guest. But that's all I know about it. As always with this hobby there are absolutely no returns. Sold 100% AS IS. GOOD LUCK. .