Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 RC Monster Truck with LOTS of Extras

Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 with lots of Accesories


This T maxx was originally a 2.5 that I upgraded to make it a 3.3. The 3.3 engine works excellently with no problems. It is a pull start and it comes with two glow igniters along with two chargers. It has only had a couple tanks of gas through it. This Truck goes extremely fast with this engine. It may need some tuning but I know it still runs great. It is very nice.

Roll Cage

I just recently installed the roll cage and have olny driven with it a few times. I love the roll cage because it protects most everything on the top of the truck from being harmed or broken. It is very nice with very little damage.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Instead of running on batteries that run out really fast,(and believe me I have had lots of RC cars and the batteries do run out really fast) this truck has a rechargeable pack that you charge from an outlet. One charge can last up to a week and only takes about 4 hours to charge. This pack comes with the charger.


This package also comes with many accesories such as: Two screwdrivers, Two cross wrenches, A bottle for the gas(has a little crack but still works), A nice body for the truck, Extra rod ends and hollow ball connectors, 4 Brand New springs for the shocks, A fuel
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