Traxxas T-Maxx Complete RPM Black Arm Set w/ True Track

Traxxas Maxx Series Complete RPM Black A-Arm Set w/ True Track Conversion

*2 x RPM80462* *1 x RPM80582* *1 x RPM80942*

This package fits the T-Maxx 2.5, T-Maxx 3.3, and E-Maxx 16.8V trucks.

New In Package

Item Details T/E-Maxx True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion The RPM True-Track Rear A-arm Conversion kit eliminates one of the biggest headaches associated with the incredibly popular Maxx line of trucks. Rear toe angles are nearly impossible to set accurately and t isn’t a gauge currently made that can tell the T-Maxx / E-Maxx owner if each individual wheel’s toe angle is set correctly in relation to the chassis . Our rear end kit completely eliminates the rear toe link, locking in the rear toe angle at a solid negative 1.5 degrees per side for a total rear toe of negative 3 degrees (of Toe-In), effectively eliminating rear bump steer ! Our design retains the stock upper pivot ball in the RPM axle carrier to allow precise camber adjustments while the lower pivot ball has been eliminated in favor of a rock-solid, beefy 4mm diameter hinge pin that locks-in the rear toe angles for race winning consistency. All aspects of the RPM rear end conversion have been beefed up for rugged durability and slop free movement throughout its range of travel. We’ve completely redesigned the rear end yet all stock suspension
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