Traxxas Model 3906 E-Maxx Final Listing so Bid Now!!!!!

E-Maxx Model 3906

This is a great RC that has very low operating hours . It looks and runs like brand new! The electric E-Maxx has all the great suspension, driving, and upgrade capability of the T-Maxx but with its exclusive 14 volt electric power system. Twin Titan 550 fan cooled motors are fed over 14 volts by dual 6 cell battery packs in series. The Novak designed and built EVX programmable electronic speed control delivers smooth forward, reverse, and braking control . Blister the earth with wheelie-popping launches, then shift the transmission into second gear with your TQ-3 transmitter for incredible top speed, and finally stop on a dime with the EVX’s powerful brakes . E-Maxx allows you to up shift or downshift the transmission at any time!

I have upgraded the Super Brain 959 single charger ( super brain 959 single charger not included!) to an IntelliPeak Twin pulse charger . With the IntelliPeak Twin Pulse Charger from DuraTrax, you'll cut charging time in half —letting you spend more time operating your RC! You can peak charge TWO packs simultaneously ... and that's not all. NiCds, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) packs, even "AA" transmitter batteries can be peaked to 100% capacity—with pulsed current that charges more efficiently with less heat generation. And you can use AC or DC input, which makes the unit
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