A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary & Vincent Price

This is a fabulous book for any serious foodie. Actor Vincent Price and his wife Mary have assembled a collection of recipes from famous restaurants all over the world. Famous in 1965 that is! It has the lists of restaurants/hotels by country, with the original menus reproduced, and select recipes from those places. Also has neat illustrations and cool vintage color photographs. There is also a calorie chart, index, weights and measures, conversion table of equivalents (because METRIC) and ingredient descriptions. Even more, there are blank template pages in back to add your OWN favorite treasured recipes, wines ans guests! Quite a unique piece to call your very own! � This book is really a treasure! Foreword written by Cleveland Armory and Martha Hodge Armory. � Produced, printed and bound by National Publishing Co. of Philadelphia. John C Meyer & Son. Plates by Beck Offset Plate, Judd Detwiller,Inc. Edward Stern & Co color printing, Calligraphy by George Salter. Entire publication supervised by Curtis S Ruddle. Original concept by Bernard Geis. National seals courtesy of Petit Larousse