Tree Painting, Inspirational Gift, Original, Healing Tree, Michigan Artist

Hannah Tiffin 5 years ago in memory of her mother who passed from cancer. They are meant to remind us to stay rooted, stay strong and keep reaching for the heavens regardless of obstacles.This tree is 4x4 inches, finished with acrylic and glitter and ready to hang. About the Artist:Painter Hannah Tiffin is one of Michigan’s most Exciting Artists! Her passion is creating vibrant and expressive works of art in an array of many mediums. This artist is truly unlike any other, she has mastered the art of expressionist impressionism by producing pieces that are fresh, eye catching and mood elevating! Artist Hannah Tiffin has become a popular artist in her region due to her diversity as an artist. Stylistically, she is able to appeal to patrons, both young and old because her subjects are so timeless. Each image is designed with care to ensure they are powerful, clean and appear masterfully composed. If you ask Hannah how long she has been an artist she will tell you “All my life!” Hannah accredits her late mother Susanne Edwards (East Coast Artist) with being the inspiration and the light that initially introduced her to wanting to become a professional teacher and artist. Hannah produces two local television shows to create more interest in the arts and help others with soul expression. She teaches native american, african and tribal ... read more