Trench art bi plane ww1

Trench art plane
Slightly larger than the others made from a 303 bullet this one measures 5n a quarter inch from prop to tail and has a 5 inch wingspan.
I recently got this along with a tank (which im keeping) but I only keep the trench art that contains bages or buttons that I can associat with various regiments. I dont know where or what conflict this one come from but all the same is a nice pice .I do have other peces that are made from this same sort of bulky construction and are normaly associated with artillery outfits .this to me does look like its made from brass taken from big artillery shells as they always have curves where the shell couldnt be flatend completely and slight variants in thickness in the brass dew to the shells geting thicker towards the fuse end
.anyway all questions answered thanks for looking matt