Trendmasters DJ Johnny Bot Talking Karaoke Robot Toy



In a joining together of two worlds that don't traditionally meet, DJ Johnny Bot is a combination talking/dancing robot and karaoke machine - a self-contained mobile party!

Johnny Bot features two microphones, an antenna, and a cassette tape featuring karaoke versions of four hit songs ("Love Don't Cost a Thing," "Stronger," "He Loves U Not," and "Survivor"). Also included is a remote control DJ unit with various effect buttons and a scratch wheel to create a hip-hop sound. In karaoke mode, you sing along to the hits or juice up the beats with DJ sound effects. In dance mode, the remote control DJ unit lets you create music that anyone, including Johnny himself, can dance along to. There's also a radio mode where you can add the DJ effects to spice up the broadcast.

Johnny Bot is a bit of a battery hog (five C, four AAA, and six AA). These are not included. No operator's manual is included, but his functions seem fairly self-evident.


This toy is previously owned, but still ACCEPTABLE working condition. He comes with his cassette tape and two microphones. He talks (a lot!) and "dances" on his own or directed by his remote control. We did not test all the features reported for this toy, but there were some problems evident. We were unable
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