Tri-Ang Triang Cox Frog Fledgling Control Line Aeroplane, VERY RARE.

The box is scruffy, tears, one side is detached, and there are what looks like stains from fuel on it, lots of stains on the bottom part and on the booklets as shown, these are still all just about readable, the plane itself looks in good condition, there is a crack as shown in pic 6 in the body near the engine, no other broken parts that I noticed including the delicate tabs for fixing the wings on, there's yellowing to the white parts and a little on the middle of the wing, the engine turns over and the piston moves well, (it looks like it should run and I'm very tempted to try it, but I'll leave that to the buyer as I've never tried to start one before let alone fly one...), the control handle and what looks like the original line are present, one decal is detached, and both decals are very faded.