Trial of Strength from Panther Games

This is a strategic simulation of the Eastern Front campaign fought between Germany (along with her Axis allies) and the Soviet Union. The game was published in 1985 by Panther Games (an Australian company). It uses a sophisticated but common-sense system of combined movement/combat, designed around their Conventional Land-warfare, Integrated Movement and Combat System (CLIMACS) It places great emphasis on maintaining initiative and momentum and rewards sound but simple battle plans.
The map is a 1:4,000,000 scale map of eastern Europe and each hex represents 45 miles from side to side. Each turn is approximately 10 days (3 turns per month). Units are generally corps of the Axis and armies for the Soviet Union, both about 60,000 troops each, and smaller battlegroups of specialist formations.
The game is in very good-excellent condition. The rules book is unmarked, as are the charts and maps, with the exception that the Ploesti oilfield has been added (as per the errata). The counters are in very good condition, but are short one Soviet MTU (supply unit). Since the counter registration was a bit off, some counters have their unit designation hand printed. This in no way affects play.
Game includes:
2 maps
799 counters
1 plastic counter tray with lid
1 rules book
1 ten-sided die
1 errata
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