Tribal Dance Fringe Hip Belt: Gem, Natural Beads, Coins

Tribal Fringe Belt

With Gemstone Beads and Coins

Lined, mirrored bright gold (see 2nd photo) cotton fabric from India with intricate gold accent embroidery. Measures 21 inches across the top and 14 inches on each side of the triangle with 4" fringe. A 60” stretch velvet tie with fringe on ends is attached.

The belt has hand-beaded fringe in shades of gold, beige, brown and amber using beads from natural elements imported from all over the world – metal, shell, bone, coral, mother of pearl, fossil, nut, horn, glass, gemstone accents (jasper, agate, quartz, tigereye, carnelian, amber, goldstone, calcite, ) plus metal costume coins and Indian "bitty bells" for subtle sound and additional movement.

No two belts are alike and no two bead strands are just alike!! Each belt has hundreds of varieties of beads in different shapes and sizes.

T IS A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL MY ITEMS!! If you are not pleased, just return for a full refund.

Thanks for looking!! My references:

“Diane’s costuming is wonderful and very creative. My students and I love her work. I highly recommend her all over the country.” - Dalia Carella

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