Triceratops Dinosaur Sensational HUGE FRILL END PIECE

SUPER Triceratops Frill Section !

This is a HUGE section of Tric frill that was found in Wibaux, Montana on private landowners land. This is a highly sought after end peice that would be a the tip of the frill. I have seen other listings that for pieces of frill this large at $500+. This Tric frill is very stable. I personally found this Triceratops Frill the summer of 2007. I actually found an almost complete frill and have spent countless hours trying to piece the complete Frill back together. I finally gave up because it became to daunting a task. So, I am going to be listing pieces of a complete frill that I found this past summer over the next few weeks. As you can see from the pictures, this frill displays wonderful "venus canals" or blood grooves. Teachers, this would be a great center piece to use in your classrooms when talking about dinosaurs. Dinosaur material is getting harder and harder to find and makes a great investment. Kids usually know what Triceratops looks like and they usually can identify the frill. A really nice identification label will be included with this fossil. I will be listing dinosaur fossils that I found this past summer over the next week or so. Email me if you have any questions.

Shipping is 15.00 including insurance on this rare fossil. All sales are final.