New TRIKKE E-Kit (Motor) Fits T78 & T8 Models Scooter

New TRIKKE E-Kit (Electric Motor Re-Chargable Battery Pack)

Fits TRIKKE T78-Air T78 Deluxe and T8-Air Models !

Turn your Trikke carving vehicle into a FUN and FUNCTIONAL Tribred machine!

This ad is for one new TRIKKE E-Kit accessory for the Trikke T78 or T8 models with 8" air tires.

Electrify your ride with Trikke Tech's new E-Kit electric motor upgrade.

Cruising Range: Cruise up to 12 miles on a single charge with each charge costing, on average, less than 4 cents!!

Hybrid Power: Riders can use electric power alone or add the familiar Trikke carving motion to go farther and faster!

Two Speed Settings: Econo mode is 12 mph; Express mode is 17 mph. And more quiet than the average motor scooter!

Battery Charge Time: Battery takes approximately 5 hours for full recharge - just plug charger into any 110 volt wall socket.

Attractive Cover / Bag: The battery is enclosed in an attractive bag that has large and small zippered side pockets. T's a pocket large enough to store a water bottle, and smaller pockets to carry keys, ID and credit cards, small camera or cell phone.

FREE Bumper Sticker: Receive a FREE " I Got Swerved!" bumper sticker with this purchase! This offer is valid only while the supply lasts. A Rock and Roll Fitness exclusive offer!!!
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