Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Litespeed

Brand new, never used without tags. 2 available.

The FAST Pack Litespeed was inspired by our customers who were looking for a lightweight and more nimble alternative to our legendary FAST Pack EDC to use in active scenarios when you need full range of arm motion. The result is a streamlined 1300 cubic inch pack that incorporates the modularity and ruggedness you’ve come to expect from our FAST Pack line.

Features: Nimble: Perfectly suited for urban EDC, day hiking, travel or any activity that requires free movement, the FAST Pack Litespeed has a narrow profile and contoured design that lets you carry essential gear without having to sacrifice speed. Accessibility: The zippered clamshell opening runs along the perimeter of the pack giving you almost full and instant access to your gear. Modular: Laced with PALS webbing, our Litespeed is compatible with MOLLE pouches so that you can customize the layout of your gear to suit your specific needs. Two-inch webbing underneath the PALS webbing lets you attach wider items, such as Tek-Lok™ mounted sheaths and holsters. Space Efficient: Despite its size, we’ve designed our smallest pack to handle the loadout of your basic gear. A bladder pocket and two internal mesh pockets provide additional storage space. Top and bottom compression straps allow you to carry extra gear, such as jackets
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