Triple Crown Matched Set Bobbleheads Secretariat Seattle Slew Affirmed

These bobbleheads are brand new in the box and have never been opened. They are numbered 324 of 850 and all three come with a card. These were purchased from in 2003 and have long been sold out. Shipping in the Cont.US will be $12.00. Worldwide shipping available at cost. Contact me for a quote. This is one of two sets I will be listing.
From secretariatdotcom:
In June of 2003, in conjunction with Churchill Downs, a miniature version of the Secretariat bobblehead was produced as part of a Triple Crown give-away promotion also featuring the mini-bobblehead versions of Seattle Slew and Affirmed.
They are distinctive by their unique poses and their size being approximately 7" long and 5" tall as well as the year of their Triple Crown carved on the back of the pedestal base.
The Triple Crown mini-bobbles were produced in a total run of approximately 15,500 pieces each with a corresponding individually numbered certificate card of authenticity. Of the 5500 pieces of each model allocated for retail sales, only 850 were sold as part of a Triple Crown Matched Set that contained all three mini-bobble models.