Triple Mirror Antique Vanity with Bakelite Handles

This is a pick-up only purchase! I live just outside of Orlando, Florida.

Item featured is an antique vanity with Bakeite handles. I do not know the origin, style, or composition, only that it's old. In good condition with typical scratches from age. Mirrors also in good condition. When picking up please bring cushioning materials to prevent mirrors from breaking in transport.

Measures 43 inches in length, 19 inches deep, by 30 inches high. The mirror is an additional 25 inches in height.

Unless it's a 'gift emergency' please allow me 4 shipping days after payment because of my work schedule. I do not use first class mail as I have experienced too many lost and damaged items. I prefer Priority Mail (have a garage full of medium to small boxes)and UPS.The only time I ask for a handling fee is if the item requires extra packing or a large box that I have to purchase.

I suggest insurance for items that are valuable or fragile as we as sellers can only do our part and can't take responsibility for what the post office does. If the item arrives damaged due to shabby packaging then I take responsibility but require photos before I refund.International shipping may take longer due to having to go to the post office for specialty customs envelopes rather than doing the labeling online.I research my items
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