No you did not misread the title. This is a large shibori or tyedyed turnip in red silk! WACKY!! I recon if we get two turnip lovers bidding against eachother we will make a fortune! The silk is light+weight and you can kinda see the weave of the silk. The turnip (I giggle a bit everytime I write that) is hand shiboried and you can see the tiny pinpricks from the shiboriing. There are two turnips on this piece measuring 11.5" each. I really wish I could have met the crazy woman who bought and wore this kimono. I think this musta been a bit like punk or emo back in the day! I have never seen anything like this and I am pretty sure I am not likely to again. You are bidding on 15"x46". Different monitors vary slightly so the color in the picture may be slightly different from that of the photo. This picture was taken with flash. Shipping from Japan to America, Europe and Oceania airmail will cost US$4.00. We will do what we can to combine shipping for multiple purchases but you MUST contact us for combined shipping as it is not automatic.We try to ship everyday except on weekends and national holidays.Our fabric comes from new and used Japanese kimono and yukata. The fabric has been picked but the threads have not been removed and we DO NOT iron. We apologize for not ironing, but do not apologize for not wanting to. This is a 2 women ... read more