Trix Express International #52 2412 HO Steam Engine

I am selling these trains for an uncle who lives in France. He was recently moved into an assisted living facility and can no longer keep his trains. He seems to have bought any gauge, Z gauge to O gauge, and any manufacturer, whatever he liked. He had no layout, so most of the items have not been run, and were still in the original box when I received them. But since they are new-old-stock, I decided to do a very short test run to make sure they run; all that I tested so far ran. I did not attempt to lubricate them, since they are basically new. If they have overhead pantographs, I do not try to raise them - I might break them. I am going to list them as used, although the items themselves are mainly like new (old stock) in the original box, they must have been handled sometime. I also can't really tell if they've been run or not. Also some of the boxes have been damaged, probably from shipping, storage, etc. I'll try to take photos to show any damage on boxes.

Unless otherwise noted the trains are:

Like new or excellent in the original box, HO gauge (for now), instructions and extra detail parts included, mostly European manufactured with European-type couplers, test ran only. They may possibly have detail parts missing - I don't know - I just take them off the shelf and put them on ebay, but I don't think that any
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