Tro-Fe Dairy Milk Bottle Gadsden, Alabama

Tro-Fe Dairy Gadsden, Alabama Milk Bottle

Listed is a quart milk bottle that is amazing the pyro on it is great

on the front it says "Tro-Fe Dairy Bottled Health Gadsden, Al

It has a picture of a trophy on the front

on the back it says" Tomorrows Health depends uponTo Day's

Nutritution drink milk every day-a health habit with what looks to be a

crystal ball image.

the graphics are great and in red all in excellent condition,

i believe this bottle to be dated 1/11/44 this is what is on the side and

bottom of the bottle, i have had lots of bottles but have never had one

like this i think that it is rare.

This item comes from a smoke free, pet free environment

Please be sure to email me with any questions that you may have