Trollbloods army

Up for sale is an enormous Trollbloods army. It is nearly the entire faction. Models are in various stages of assembly and paint, but the majority are painted. You will also get an empty Sabol Army Transport Bag. The bag will not fit the entire army, but will certainly fit your favorite lists for tournament play. I will pack and ship with care, but as you know they can be fragile. I usually ship within two business days of purchase. The retail on this army is $2500, but I am willing to let it go at a fraction of that. Here's what you get:


Borka and Keg Carrier-Well painted

Borka 2-Primed

Calandra-Partial paint

Gunnbjorn-Pro painted

Grim Angus-Well painted

Grim 2-Pro painted

Grissel 1-Painted

Grissel 2-Painted

Hoarluk 1-Well painted

Hoarluk 2-Well painted

Hoarluk 3 and Scrollbearer-Pro painted

Horgle 2-Assembled

Jarl-Pro painted

Madrak 1-Painted

Madrak 2-Well painted

Madrak 3-Assembled



Blitzer (metal)-Painted

Blitzer (plastic)-Assembled

Bomber (plastic)-Assembled

Bomber (plastic)-Well painted

Mauler (plastic)-Painted

Mauler (plastic)-Assembled

Dozer & Smigg-Primed

Earthborn (metal)-Mostly painted

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