1 Troy Oz 999 Fine Silver Bar - Englehard

Selling (1) Englehard 1 troy oz 999 fine silver bar. This photo is temporary and I will upload one with my bar's serial #. Starting Price is $5.5 what I paid 18 yrs ago! (See history below)

Englehard was recently bought out by BASF, and according to other sellers - Engelhard Industries silver bars have not been manufactured in 20 years. Here is a link to some intresting reading I did on the company: /wiki/Engelhard Lastly they were know for high quality products and manufacturing standards.

Personal history behind this bar is that I bought it in 1991 or 93 from Maine Gold & Silver as a teenage experiment regarding paper money, inflation, hard assets, and the devaluation/purchase power of the dollar. My purchase price was approx. $5.5 dollars with approx $1 dollar spot fee. Current COMEX Close = /id/33057388/ The inflation/devaluation/return on investment over the 18 years I have held the bar is 581% +/-! Scary, (see: /id/41655262 ) I hope the days of King Dollar will return someday....

Okay - Enough - Have fun!

Photo Updated on Saturday 2/20 - Engelhard Silver Bar - Serial #PF03132

Current Exchange: /quotes/SICV1

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