Tru Vue 3-D Film Sally Rand Dude (Nude) Ranch

Tru Vue 3-D Film Sally Rand Dude Ranch

’s your opportunity to start or add to your Tru-Vue collection. If you are looking for a few high quality films to add to your collection, this one's for you. This Tru-Vue Film Strip is in very good condition:

I opened this film box and removed the film. I carefully unrolled the film its entire length and examined it. T are no breaks or tears in the film. T is no damage to the sprocket holes. It is truly a collector quality film. The box is clean, square, and shows minimal signs of wear. This film is in the early version Red and White box.

If you have purchased Tru Vue items from other sellers perhaps you were not pleased with the condition when you received them. Quite frankly t are many sellers who just don't know much about these films. Yet they continue to buy at garage sales and estate sales to resell on eBay and do not provide a realistic description.

Let me assure you that that is not the case with Tru Vue films, viewers, and library boxes you buy from me. I know a lot about these items and I provide a fair evaluation about their condition. You will not be disappointed in this auction. In fact, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the condition as well as the care with which they were packed for shipment. After you receive your purchase, if you believe

Please check other items I have for sale at this time. I will combine multiple purchases and save you money on shipping costs. If buying more than one item, wait awhile after buying the last item and give me a chance to send you an invoice. I generally ship smaller packages by U.S. Mail and larger boxes by UPS.

I have many different styles of Tru Vue Viewers, Wooden Storage Boxes, Plastic Storage Boxes, and more than one thousand (1,000) Tru Vue films for sale. Most of these films are in good to excellent condition. I will be putting them up for sale in my eBay Store soon. If you are interested in some particular film numbers, let me know. If I have what you are looking for, I will be pleased to send you a picture, description, and price in an e-mail message. Then if you still want to buy, you can tell me when to put it in my store so you will have first chance to buy it.

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