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The Supernatural
Douglas Hill & Pat Williams
In this age of great scientific advance there still remain areas of mystery beyond our understanding. “The Supernatural” offers a unique excursion into this realm of unseen and unearthly powers. This fascinating, well-documented, and somewhat shocking account of “That Which Lies Beyond” is a survey of one of man’s most universal interests ~ or obsessions ~ from pre- historic days this not so skeptical age. Complete with hundreds of color and black and white photographs, drawings, and medieval woodcuts, this book introduces the astonishing worlds of the unknown ~ the world of the practitioners of the Occult; The Alchemists; The Devil Worshipers; The Witches who were savagely repressed in Renaissance Europe; today’s “White Witches”; and, of course, the infamous Black Mass.
It is a world of weird supernatural monsters ~ like Werewolves and Vampires ~ that have haunted men’s dreams, and the world of ghosts and poltergeists. It is a world of mysterious and grotesque superstitions, the cults and orgiastic rituals, the spells and incantations, and some of the most famous exponents of Black Magic whose deeds are still practiced today.
It is a world of believers in spirits ~ from the primitives to whom all nature was the abode of fearful Gods, to the Voodoo worshipers
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