True Dungeon Token - 2009 Rod of Seven Parts Segment 2

Rod of Seven Parts: Segment 2

This auction is for a single Ultra-Rare gold-backed Purple treasure token for the True Dungeon event at GenCon. The Rod of Seven Parts (Segment 2) was only available in the 2009 print run. It was an extra special premium token not available from the Pick Your Purple program. Only 1 or 2 were found at GenCon (this wasn't even given out for Golden Ticket runs like the first rod segment). The only others in circulation were given out in November 2009 for token purchases of $1000.

The Rod of Seven Parts (Segment 2) is usable by anyone, and slotless (so you don't have to worry about it conflicting with other gear). It grants +1 to Reflex saves , which can mean the difference between life and death. Also, this is the second part of an eventual Rod of Seven Parts combo item. The full powers have not yet been announced, but the complete Rod of Seven Parts promises to be the coolest combo item ever.

For more info on True Dungeon tokens, see the official website: . You can find a token guide t in electronic format, as well as forums w you can find the answers to any True Dungeon questions you might have.

Texas residents must pay 8.25% sales tax. In the US, First Class shipping and handling is available for $2.50. Priority Mail is $5.50 and is recommended if you are concerned about getting
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