The Truman Show Original Movie Props including Fiji Map! Jim Carrey Screen Used

Collection of props from the set of The Truman Show !
Most of these props are from Truman's basement scenes. The patches are from other parts of the film. Polaroids from the set and notes from the prop department (see photos) are included. The Fiji map, which can be seen in the movie during scenes in the basement (and helps conceal Truman's escape!), is the most special of all the items included.
Winner will receive: Fiji map - measures about 4 feet wide. I believe they printed the map especially as a prop. If you look at it close up you can see dots from the printing. Basket - measures about 13" across. One of the polaroids shows the basket hanging on the basement wall. Magazine/newspaper clippings - An assortment of vintage, torn, odd & interesting newspaper and magazine clippings that were displayed on one of Truman's walls. Includes a few postcards. They are in very worn condition like they were on set. Patches - two security patches and one "M" patch as seen in other parts of the film. Prop department notes & polaroids - the original notes and photos from the set. They serve as proof of authenticity. I originally purchased these after the film came out when I was living in Hollywood. I've enjoyed owning them for a long time but need to raise some funds for life expenses, so that's why they're up on eBay now.
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