TSCM Spectrum Analyzer By FBI CIA NSA Covert Ops L@@K

The ISA (International Security Associates) ECR-1 spectrum analyzer is a swept heterodyne receiver that displays RF signals in the frequency domain. Unit was manufactured for use by law enforcement, government and intelligence agencies to track down, isolate and identify covert transmitters in an area of approximately 100 linear feet. The unit can also be used as a tunable FM or AM receiver or graphic spectrum analyzer. I believe this unit goes up to 500 MHz. Also has a video out feature and carrier and sub-carrier demodulation. Includes carrier current adapter used in advanced surveillance applications. Specifically, the Power Line Adapter will enable non-technical security personnel to check power lines for listening devices operating at very low frequencies.

This particular unit was designed to work with an ECR-1 Countermeasures system and I assume it can be used with other spectrum analyzers but I am only guessing and the buyer is responsible to determine the suitability of using this particular adaptor with other instruments including spectrum analyzers.

The adapter has three settings marked 1, 2, 3. Unable to test so I can only describe the visual condition of the unit. Comes with BNC adapter cord that is clean with no cracks, power cord is clean with no cracks. Color of the actual unit is dark blue and has
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