TSR THE DRAGON MAGAZINE #32, Vol. IV, No. 6 December1979 "The Fell Pass" Module

The Dragon #32, Volume IV, Number 6

December 1979 issue of TSR's "monthly role-playing aid," complete and in very fine condition!

Published in December 1979 by TSR Periodicals (a division of TSR, Inc.) and edited by Tim Kask, this 48-page magazine's contents include:

Cover to Cover Dragon Rumbles Out on a Limb Poisons from AA to XX Weapons of the Far East Sinister Seaweed? Aquatic Encounters with Megaflora From the Sorcerer's Scroll: Playing on the Other Planes of Existence, by Gary Gygax Sage Advice Leomund's Tiny Hut: If You Meet These Monsters, Don't Let Them Bug You to Death Wizard Variant: Some Spells for the Very Smart Sorcerer Designer's Notes: Flattop: A Long Game but a Strong Game The Druid in Fact and Fantasy THE FELL PASS -- first place winner in the TSR Periodicals International Dungeon Design Contest The Traveller Politician: Diplomacy and Intrigue in the Traveller Universe Convention Schedule 1980 Another Chapter from Fantasysmith's Notebook: Pity the Poor Hobgoblin WGR Rules Modifucations: General Rules Armor & Infantry 1925-80 The Dragon's Augury (reviews) Dragon's Bestiary: Crawling Claw (created by Ed Greenwood) A Typical Night in the Life of Nine Ordinary(?) People Dragon Mirth Wormy Finieous Fingers Vintage advertisements


Some slight stress marks to the spine edge
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