Tuareg Iron war lance / spear Allarh a rarely seen and early example. Nice!

A seldom seen type of North African spear, a feared weapon in the hands of the Tuareg warrior. This example was known to have been picked up by a French army officer pre WW2.
The spear measures 150cm in length, this being due to a portion of the bottom 'spade' being snapped off.
The head measures approx 20cm x3cm and has a very pronounced central rib. There are numerous bands of brass inlay and the remains of a central leather grip section. The metalwork has a deep black age patina, is very definitely hand worked.
Condition: Well used!! As said the spade has been snapped off but the rest of the spear is pretty good. The brass is still clearly visible and a good clean with wire wool may reveal more detail-something we are loathed to do as we like a weapons history intact. Both set of barbs are intact and very sharp they are! The leather is a fragment and somewhat tatty.

Low start price reflects damage.

Shipping unfortunately high due to weight, UK bidders contact us for postal price or pick up/meet up.

A really good compliment to a collection of Takoubas and North African weapons in general. Please feel free to request more pictures as they often tell the real story when it comes to condition. We are collectors and fully appreciate the need for accurate, clear and informative listings. We ask that overseas
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