Tube Tester TV7D/U works well

Tube Tester TV7D/U in good condition. Front panel is very clean, Outer case has some scratches and normal wear. Internally the unit is super clean with no cruds or other blems noted. All switches are clean and are of the ceramic variety. The 83 tube is there and I replace the 5Y3. Unit has been tested on a 6L6/5881 and the results were in agreement with my other testers. No rust or corrosion noted.. Controls operate smoothly, . Meter movement is clean and free of any cruds or MFP overspray. The unit is housed in a TV7B/U case. The data plate is missing, but the Meter movement is original so there is no doubt that the unit is a TV7D/U The power cord is original and serviceable. The setup manual is original and dated 1962. and an updated 1962 manual is also included. Unit ships FEDEX ground conus at 24 lbs properly boxed. Offshore bidders please email for specific shipping rates.
Thank you for the read.
Bob, Ke6f