Tudor Electric Football Game Team Jersey Number Decals

Up for bid is a fresh new set of clear back water slide Jersey Number decals. The winner will pick one team Jersey Number set from available teams below from 00- 99 Front, Back and Shoulder Numbers (If the winner would like to buy an additional diffrent team Number Logos at the winning bid price for each team number set please let me know before paying and I will send you an invoice with the total) Let me know if you don't see a team that you need and I'll check if I have it for you.


Very EASY to use! :)

TEAMS below.

1. Bears numbers for white jersey

2. Ravens numbers for purple jersey

3. White numbers with blue outline (Various teams)

Instructions: Before you start you must clear coat all your figures where you are appling decals with a gloss clear coat to help the decals stick onto the figures (I use Testors Glosscote Lacquer $3 bottle,) brush it on and after the clear coat drys, cut your decals for the figure I use fine point scissors or you can use an exacto blade if you prefer and dip them into a shallow dish of room temp water for a minute or until they slide off the paper and become flexible , Use either tweezers or a tooth pic to place the decal onto the figure leave moist then place the other decals on the other side you will have a few
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