Tungsten metal ingot - one troy ounce - .9999 bullion

This listing is for a single one troy ounce ingot of tungsten. Tungsten has the highest metlting point and tensile strength of any pure metal. Tungsten can be alloyed with a wide array of metals to improve their properties. It is used in the steel, construction, petroleum, military, chemical, jewelry, nuclear, medical and electronics industries. Approximately 80% of worldwide production comes from China which means it could be subject to supply disruptions. Please see the below links for more infomation. Inscribed on our ingots are the chemical symbol (W), purity (99.99%), weight (one troy ounce), and a serial number (this number is unique and will vary). On the reverse is our logo. Each ingot will be shipped with an assay certificate and with a velvet bag for storage. If multiples are purchased, one velvet bag will be included for every two ingots purchased. More information will soon be available on our website at . Please visit our Ebay store to see our other metals at http://stores./Rare-World-Metals-Mint