TuningStation Ski Snowboard Wax Waxing Tune Tuning Kit

If you want the best ski and snowboard tuning kit available look no further - here it is! The TOOLS4BOARDS DELUXE TUNING STATION includes all the necessities for complete ski and snowboard edge and base maintenance. Included in this kit:

1) NEW XACT ALL-IN-1 TOOL - durable Lexan polycarbonate tool sharpens and bevels ski or snowboard side edge, base edge and trims excess side wall • Side-edge and Base-edge angle options from 0° to 6° • Patented adjustment feature provides simple and accurate bevel angles - simply turn knob to clamp file, or pull and turn knob to adjust bevel angle • Ceramic rollers minimize friction and allow filings to fall away from base. • Includes high quality Swiss-made file blade and instructions

2) MAPLUS WAX - 30 grams Maplus warm temp. (-5° to 0°C) and 30 grams cold temp. (-10° to -5°C) high melt paraffin

3) MAPLUS CORK & NYLON BRUSH - ideal for rubbing wax into base and opening base structure after waxing

4) SIDE-WALL CUTTER - German made panzer file ideal for safe, easy removal of ski or snowboard edge offset material before side-edge filing

5) BRASS FILE BRUSH for removing filings from file teeth

6) ALUMINUM-OXIDE STONE for de-tuning, de-burring and polishing edges

7) P-TEX BASE REPAIR CANDLES for repairing minor gouges in base (Black and Clear)
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