Tupperware 11 pc Freezer Square Round Set

11 pc Freezer Square Round Set

Efficient, space-savings storage at half-price savings!

Maximizing your grocery dollar has never been more important. These modular storage

containers saves space in your freezer and money at the checkout, because they help

keep precious food such as vegetables, soups, sauces, meats and leftovers from

going to waste! As an added feature, the Freezer Square Round container’s rounded corners allow

faster, more efficient freezing and thawing. That means the meals you make will be fresher and more flavorful.

Store more food in a limited space because containers are modular and stackable.

• Sturdy, yet flexible construction keeps them from splitting or cracking at freezing temperatures.

• Also use them to keep sandwich fillings, salads or leftovers fresh in the refrigerator.

• Unique shape allows air to circulate around the containers even when stacked together.

• Gently twist the container to “pop” out frozen foods for reheating.

Includes two each:
Small 1 1/2 cup
Medium 3 1/3
Medium Deep - 6 cup
Rect. Shallow - 2 1/2 cup
Rect Medium 5 1/2 cup
Rect Deep 11 1/2 cup
Large Rect. 12 1/2 cup
Purplicious, Raspberry, Fuchsia Kiss
$138 Value

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