Tupperware Rare 7 Barbie size New Miniature Lot # 1 Key Chain/Magnets

Tupperware for sale 7 new rare, old, in original(NIP) packages, key chains, magnets Collectors love these little miniatures of the real Tupperware items. Note: This auction doesn’t include the non-packaged miniatures. I do combine auctions NOTE: New buyers with less than 10 positive auctions! Please don’t bother to bid on my auctions if you have no intentions of paying! Set of 2 white measuring cups magnets 1 teaspoon and 1 T plus NIP Three white measuring spoon magnets, dash, pinch and smidgen NIP Mini refrigerator Modular Mate Oval Magnet Black seal with clear base (NIP removed pkg. of 5). Spatula lacquer blue spatula magnet NIP, Quick shape Key chain opens blue base with bold and blue pour top. NIP Forget me not blue magnet that has a blade tucked inside for opening plastic seals. NIP Flat-out purple bowl that really opens and is a key chain NIP.