NEW Tupperware Fridgesmart 3 pc Set Fruits Veggie-RARE



Fridgesmarts Pay for themselves!!!!
With Food prices going up Save money on your produce by keeping it longer the average set of Fridgesmarts pays for itself in one year in the money you save by keeping food longer and using it !
FridgeSmart Small Pastel Set
Sheer Caribbean( Meduim) - 8 1/2 cup capacity

Sheer Buttercup( Small) - 7 cup capacity

Sheer Cotton Candy ( MINI) - 1 3/4 cup capacity
All containers are Clear!
Only the lids are the colors above color

Limited release, no longer available in these colors.

Adjustable vents to regulate airflow to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. These are great containers!
I never knew how good they were till I tried them!!
Strawberries last one week! No mold!
All your produce will keep longer and save you money in the long run, a investment of this kind will pay you back
on the food you save!

Brand New, still in the bag


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