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Kidâe(tm)s Party Time Set

Create tasty and healthy desserts and snacks for Kids!
This collection of fun products enables grown-ups to make and serve all sorts of sweet delights for the kids. Imagine how much fun your whole family can have on a warm spring or summer day!
Collection includes the Ice Tups® Set, Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Set, Animal Wigglersâ,,¢ Set, 1 Qt./1L Refrigerator Pitcher and 4 TupperCareâ,,¢ Bowls with handles.

Ice Tups®Set makes 6 healthy frozen treats at a time. Includes six 2-oz./60 mL molds with virtually liquid-tight seals, 8 flexible sticks with handles and a tray for upright freezer storage. Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Set makes 6 sandwich treats using cookies with your choice of ice cream, frozen yogurt or pudding. Includes six containers with separator discs and 2 virtually liquid-tight seals. Animal Wigglersâ,,¢ Set shapes gelatin, cookies or brownies into 7 unique, fun animal molds. Includes tray and instructions. 1 3/8" Dia. x 7 5/16" W x 12" L (3.7 x 18.5 x 31.8 cm) TupperCareâ,,¢ Bowls are 10 oz./330 mL with handles. Set of 4. Microwave reheatable (remove seals first). For worry-free travel, just pop on virtually liquid-tight seals and go. Fuchsia Kiss, Orange Peel, Tropical Water and Lime Aid. All
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