You are looking at a new Tupperware Snack Store Container + Modular Bowls + Tote Bag + Bonuses! The Snack Store container is a classic favorite; it offers all kinds of food storage possibilities, especially for cookies and baked treats . Virtually airtight seal not only keeps everything fresh, it allows for stacking of other storage products on top without damaging the container's contents . You could use this for a variety of reasons, such as storing baked goods, round flour products such as burrito skins, etc, not even for foods, but even for nonfood products, just for organizing office supplies, staples around the house, etc. With two, there are many other versatile uses. 3" H x 8" W x 8" L (8 x 20 x 20 cm) . You’ll also be receiving FOUR bonus Modular Bowls in different sizes ( two 1 ¼ Cup and two 2 ½ Cup) so you could interchange the uses for bulkier or smaller foods without much hassle! These are Modular Bowls with a slim round compact profile it’s great for storing in a fridge or cabinet shelf, or serving to guests and visitors. The air and water tight lids is great for stacking and storing. The tab on the side makes it easy to open and close. The sheered side on the container makes it easier to view the contents inside and how much is stored. The strong and durable
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