Turbo Fighter 15" Robot. Walks, Talks, Moves. +BONUS!

Turbo Fighter
+ Bonus: Extra Turbo Fighter
Just like our grandparents made the most of what they had, we all try to " DIG A LITTLE DEEPER " these days.
We can help you do that! Our family buys items from store closeouts, auctions, and clearance houses.
We then pass the savings on to you!
Everybody wins!
We Have for sale 1 New In Box Turbo Fighter Robot. He is Red.
He works as intended, and is actually quite intimidating!
He speaks, moves, acquires target, and then walks toward target before "shooting."
We call him...."The Predator!"
As his bonus, we are including his friend. We call him..."The Victim!" His poor pal, The Victim, does not work correctly. When his "Try me!" button is pushed, he works as intended, but once he is switched from "try me" to "on" he begins to function properly, but abruptly stops and shoots continually to no avail.
"The Predator" no doubt enjoys his friend's malfunction, as it enables him to swiftly find a target!
Robot #1 (red) is in perfect working order.
Robot #2 (blue) You get as a bonus!!!
Realistic Robot Movement Motorized Real Walking 2 Spinning Data Screens Removable Gun Removable Shield Removable Armor Features Digital Electronic Voice With Different Sound Effect.
In all, this amazing robot and his sad little buddy will provide
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