Whoa, is an AWESOME addition to any Denim Demon's wardrobe! An OFFICIAL Turbonegro Turbojugend jacket! Sure to make you the envy of everyone at the show, this jacket features a GIGANTIC Turbojugend logo embroidered on the back (for the default OSLO jugend, mind you), and a smaller Turbonegro logo on the front breast pocket. It also features such cool bonuses as custom buttons, custom labeling (reading FASHION REGIME!) and even an awesome Turbonegro leather label on the inside! The ULTIMATE for Turbonegro fans!
This jacket is size Medium, and you can find sizing specifics (as well as some great pictures) at . Ordering jackets from the website has been pretty touch and go in the past, so if you want to be 100% sure to get your jacket this auction is the way to go! I wore this jacket several times, but it is still in EXCELLENT condition. Don't see it as used, it's just broken-in! Shipping worldwide from Japan will be $15 via airmail, and should take about 2 weeks. Thanks for looking, and happy bidding!!!