Turked WWI German 98/05 Sawblade Bayonet&Scabbard

WWI German 98/05 Sawbalde bayonet with scabbard, altered by the Turkish Army. All they did with this one was cut the balde down to 9 1/2" length. They did not relieve the sawbalde on this one so the teeth are definetly still t, and usable! Worn Waffenfabrik Mauser hallmark on ricasso, spine codes are excellent however, crisp and clear, with Crown over W over 17 for year of otiginal acceptance by the Imperial German Army. Grips are good, with original grooving, right side one is a little beat. Pommel is bare metal, press stud was ground almost flat, still works though. Imperial cypher visible on opposite side, and crossguard marked with post 1928 Wwstern style serial number. Scabbard is typical Turkish M35 type, excellent shape, finish 90%. Buyer pays by money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express thru . buyer pays shipping in US via Priority mail, parcel Post or UPS Ground, and t are three options for International shipment. Cannot sell or ship to any country wehre importation of this item is forbidden, and no sales to minors. Thanks!