Turkeytail Rare Norwood Chert Knapping Madknapper

I made a road trip to the site of this chert last month. Its a 120 mile drive from my house, then a 1 mile hike to the site, an outcropping of limestone along the lake Michigan shoreline. Then load the bucket, and haul it back 1 mile...... ouch. So I have $50 in gas, and 10 hours in time for this one stone. No, actually I found 4 pieces that will make points 4" or so. Lots of small stuff, but the Michigan weather is hard on this chert and its mostly busted into a MILLION pieces. So......this size is rare. I hunted in the water and got lucky. Everything was covered in alge so the good rock did not stand out well. This point is 4 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2" wide, nice flaking, and of course rare material. The area of the outcropping was pitted and mined by the ancients, and I would think the hopewells got in on the action because this stone is so unusual. Get something different for your collection! You can see this stuff in collections all over Michigan. Enjoy, Madknapper