For sale is a blotorch that is GUARANTEED TO BE OLD and is GUARANTEED TO BE BRASS. In fact mich of the works is brass. The supports for the handle are brass. The handle is turned wood with the original black paint. The writing on the brass knob is: THE TURNER BRASS WIRKS TRADE MARK SYCAMORE ILL. THE TURNER BRASS WORKS logo is pictured on the knob. This blowtorch is commonly referred as the ONE QUART size, it has an overall heoght of appriximately 10 1/2" and the bottom is approximately 5 1/2" in diameter. If the leathers in the pump were oiled, I believe this blowtorch would work. It is 100% complete. The tank has 0 dings/dents and the entire blowtorch is free of breaks, welds and repairs. Check out my other listings as I combine shipping when practical, this saves the buyer money. The buyer is assured this blowtorch will be well packaged and shipped promptly with insurance. I'll try to answer any questions. I'm very easy to get along with, if communication is adequate. I check my email several times a day. I ship only to the USA. This blowtorch will be shipped by PRIORITY MAIL. Shipping for this blowtorch is $9.45 and INSURANCE IS INCLUDED. I prefer PayPal, but also accept money orders and checks.