Turner ? large colorful flamingo art deco picture

This old wonderful picture came from the Flamingo hotel in Nevada. On the back it is stamped "Property of Flamingo Hilton - Not to be removed". I'm not positive but it sure looks like one of the Turner pictures from the 1950s and earlier and I think this is from that period. I was able to acquire a few from their storage facilities many years ago at one of their liquidation sales. It is a nice size picture at 20" wide so it displays very well. If you collect south Pacific, Hawaii, or flamingo items, I'd think this would be a nice addition to your collection or decor. The colors are much more vibrant and deeper than in this photo as I got a small amount of flashback or bleaching out with my camera. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference when you see in person. Condition is pretty nice although t are a few minor battle scars on the frame but nothing major. These were put away with some other things in storage for many years. They are original and not modern reproductions. As mentioned above, this picture is good sized but I can have it professionally boxed and sent to you for $12.20 total including the transportation with FedEx Ground fully insured. I have another version, the same size as this, listed on another auction. Both could be sent in the same box for the cost of one at no extra charge to save freight. If leaving ... read more