Turquoise Decorated Native American Style Cow Skull

Turquoise Decorated Native American Style Steer - Cattle Skull With Complimenting Kokopeli Vases


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Whether you're looking to decorate a room with the hottest trend in interior design, a western motif and want a Native American style cow skull to accent the place, or you just like the look of Western art but don't want the mess of a real steer-cow skull which degrades over time, this absolutely gorgeous ceramic steer-cow skull with turquoise encrusted inlay which will re-define any room.

Unlike natural skulls, this ceramic artwork will not degrade over time, will not attract insects, nor will you find small pieces have mysteriously broken off (chewed) and littering the area surrounding your home.

The skull which measures 11½" from horn to horn and 12" from top to snout is wonderfully decorated with 13 strips of turquoise and hand painted feathers.

For entertaining, complete your western decor with western leather pillows, fringed, painted, studded, you name it, but your home centerpiece will be this gorgeous turquoise encrusted cow skull with matching turquoise encrusted vases. This skull has vibrant colors and workmanship on this piece is beautiful.

This unique handcrafted artwork makes distinctive western accessory in any home, even those
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