Turquoise Shasta Travel Trailer Vintage style decal

This is a turquoise decal for Shasta Trailers turquoise

These are great decals, very thin yet a self adhesive sticker for Shasta Travel Trailers, Copy of an original in every detail, a must for your vintage travel trailer.

Nice reproduction to original scale of 6" high and 15" long. these are done in Black but we can do custom colors also minumum order of two. Very easy to apply, no water or heat required.

Shipping and handling First Class.

All of these decals in my store are self adhesive, no water required to install. 1) Clean surface of engine of all dust and grease. 2) Find where you want to install the decal on larger decals you can position and hold in place with a piece of masking tape across the top. 3) Slowly peal the backing of and press the decal in to place. 4) Enjoy the finnished restoration: ).

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