TUSA Liberator Regulator Set (For Retro Styled Couple)

Obviously you are blown away by the ultimate retro style of these timeless pieces of art brought to us by Tusa, a leading industry icon in the revolution of SCUBA style. I know your curiosity has brought you this far, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, examining the merchandise specs of these Liberators. This much attention given to this item is only given by someone like you. Your type includes divers with flare and style and smell of 80's success. This radical combo set consists of two Liberator 2nd stages (one blue, one purple and pink blush casing) and doesn't matter what kind (but extremely well behaved) of 1st stages. This is a once in a lifetime buy, but I don't have to tell you that, you already are thinking the same thing. Bring yourself back to a time when the sport of scuba diving was attempting to mix in the style of the era with functionality, I'm talking about the 1980's, and yes we all miss it. These Things haven't been serviced in a while, but they breath fantastic and refuse to free flow, I know this because I shook them around while they were pressurized. I pushed the button on em' a couple times while I shook em'. Nothing, not even a hick-up of freeflow. Astonished, I gave both mouth pieces homage and took a major drag. Sweet perfection. I was holding off on using these futuristic looking regs until the day ... read more