TUX Droid

I am selling the TUX Droid as I needed it for a project but the project didn't materialize. It is almost brand new- all I did was take it from the box, tested it and returned it back.
The TUX Droid retails at £119.99 if it can be found online. Most of the websites that sell it are out of stock (I actually had to wait for 6 months to get it!)
Tux Droid is a felt-covered desktop companion that utilises wireless technology to fetch information from the wonderful web and convey it to you in various charming ways. His accompanying USB fish transmitter (no, really!) beams info to him anywhere in the house, so he can alert you to incoming emails in the kitchen, RSS feeds in the front room, weather reports in the bathroom or breaking news in the bedroom. And he can do it by dancing, spinning, flapping or flashing - it's up to you. Simply get busy with the customisable (is that a word?) software.
Tux Droid also doubles up as a wireless VoIP phone, an MP3 speaker and an alarm clock that rouses you with any sound you fancy. And thanks to nifty sound sensors you can program him to function as an intruder alarm. He'll even tell you how dark it is and turn off your telly! Versatile? He makes Bruce Forsyth look like a one-trick pony!
- Wirelessly
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