TV Lamp Clock Horses Covered Wagon

Clock TV Lamp, this is a great piece of nostalgia. Horses pulling a covered wagon which is a TV lamp and clock. The wagon has a light inside which still works. The clock face has a pretty design of flowers and a pretty red stone in the center where the hands of the clock are joined. The driver's arm moves up and down and should have a whip in it, but it has long since gone. There is an on/off switch right below his arm that you can use to turn the motion of his arm on or off. The horses could possibly be brass, not sure. The clock is in good working condition and the arm still moves up and down. All of this is mounted on a wood base. It is in great condition with the exception of the whip missing and there is small hole in the lamp cover toward the top back (see image)which I think could simply be repaired with a little glue. Does not detract from the beauty of this lamp. The reins to the horses are still intact, but are very delicate and could easily be damaged. The measurements are, 19 1/2" wide and 9" high and 4 1/2" deep. Ca 1950.